Possible Origins of the name "Rispin".

It is interesting to note that in Frisian the word Rispinge means "harvest". It has been said that Frisian is very similar to old Yorkshire dialect.

Leila Rispens-Noel of Gouda has written to me:
"The name "Rispens" originated from a farm called "Rispens" located on a Frisian terp - the Frisian term for mounds of earth - of Groot-Wyns, south of the Oosterend village where two other farms were located. Rispens is situated in the western-most part of this village. In fact there were three farms in Oosterend called Rispens: Groot Wyns, Klein Wyn and the other one in Eeskwerd, north of Oosterend. It is in Oosterend (Hennarderadeel) where most of the old Rispens lived. More Rispensen were also found out to have lived in Klein-Wyns and Eeskwerd near Oosterend........The word Rispens must have originated from the Fries word "risping" or "rispinge" which means "harvest". Called a province of the lakes, Friesland (or Fryslan) is situated north of Amsterdam".

Anna Dykstra of the Fryske Akademy has e-mailed me saying:
"You're right in assuming that "rispinge", also spelled as "risping", is the Frisian word for harvest. To my knowledge "risping(e)" is not used as a family name in the Netherlands. The name that comes closest is "Rispens""

Many thanks to:
Anne Dykstra
Fryske Akademy
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8900 AB Ljouwer
The Netherlands

The name "Rispin" may be derived from Crispin the patron saint of shoemakers, from Soissons, who was martyred 25 October 287, or one of the three Crispins who invaded England in 1066 with William the Conqueror, but I can find no link between the two names.


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